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Do you need small quantity of Pure powder of Drugs ? You come to the right place.
     - for Research Projects.
     - Producing Diagnostic Discs.
     - Drug Delivery Systems.
     - Making Medical Preparations.
     - R&D New Drugs.
     - Use as Analysis References.

21CEC R&D Special Service

-Special supply for Scientists/ Laboratories/ Institutions - High Quality Pharmaceuticals (Pure powder) - Fast Delivery to Your Lab. Free Shipment for R&D Worldwide (shipment period usually 5-10 workdays Very Popular and Successful Service

Small quantity Pharmaceuticals Supply
- To meet world R&D scientists' needs. 

"21CEC R&D Special Service" deliver the precious R&D material (pure powder of drugs) to your lab. Easy, fast and friendly. 

High Quality is  the Key!

The high quality of our 
products is well known now, 
our major market is USA and 
Europe. We supplied MIT(USA)
, Harvard (USA), Duke (USA), 
NIH (USA), Fluka (Switzerland),
Bayer (Germany), Hexal 
(Germany) etc world famous 
institutions/companies, they 
all come back to us again and 

Our high quality products 
have been approved by many
famous laboratories in USA 
and EU. Some our products 
are used in global laboratories 
as  work standards.

Our experts would help  our 
global clients what is the best 
they need. From API to Ready
-to-filling formulation to 
finished products.

We are always here for you!

Anti-Cancer Drugs Supply: - pharmaceutical raw material and antibiotic preparations:
Generic Name FDA Approval date Quality Standard Price (USD)
CR0001 Alitretinoin Feb 02 1999    
CR0002 Allopurinol May 17 1996    
CR0003 Altretamine Dec 26 1990    
CR0004 Amifostine Dec 08 1995    
CR0005 Anastrozole Dec 27 1995    
CR0006 Arsenic trioxide Sep 25 2000    
CR0007 Bexarotene Dec 29 1999    
CR0008 Bexarotene Jun 28 2000    
CR0009 Bleomycin Feb 20 1996    
CR0010 Busulfan intraverous Feb 04 1999    
CR0011 Busulfan oral Jun 26 1954    
CR0012 Capecitabine Apr 30 1998    
CR0013 Carboplatin Mar 03 1989    
CR0014 Celecoxib Dec 23 1999    
CR0015 Chlorambucil Mar 18 1957    
CR0016 Cisplatin Dec 19 1978    
CR0017 Cladribine Feb 26 1993    
CR0018 Daunorubicin,Daunomycin Mar 11 1987    
CR0019 Dexrazoxane May 26 1995    
CR0020 Docetaxel May 14 1996    
CR0021 Doxorubicin, Adriamycin Dec 23 1987    
CR0022 Epirubicin Sep 15 1999    
CR0023 Estramustine Dec 24 1981    
CR0024 Etoposide phosphate May 17 1996    
CR0025 Exemestane Oct 21 1999    
CR0026 Fludarabine Apr 18 1991    
CR0027 Fluorouracil, 5-FU Apr 25 1962    
CR0028 Fulvestrant Apr 25 2002    
CR0029 Gemcitabine May 15 1996    
CR0030 Gemtuzumab-ozogamicin May 17 2000    
CR0031 Goserelin Dec 18 1995    
CR0032 Hydroxyurea Feb 25 1998    
CR0033 Idarubicin Sep 27 1990    
CR0034 Ifosfamide Dec 30 1988    
CR0035 Imatinib mesylate May 10 2001    
CR0036 Irinotecan Apr 20 2000    
CR0037 Letrozole Jul 25 1997    
CR0038 Leucovorin Jun 20 1952    
CR0039 Levamisole Jun 18 1990    
CR0040 Melphalan, L-PAM Nov 18 1992    
CR0041 Mesna Dec 30 1988    
CR0042 Methotrexate Apr 07 1988    
CR0043 Methoxsalen Feb 25 1999    
CR0044 Mitoxantrone Nov 13 1996    
CR0045 Paclitaxel Apr 13 1994    
CR0046 Pamidronate Sep 22 1998    
CR0047 Pegademase Mar 21 1990    
CR0048 Pentostatin Oct 11 1991    
CR0049 Porfimer Dec 27 1995    
CR0050 Streptozocin May 07 1982    
CR0051 Talc Dec 24 1997    
CR0052 Tamoxifen Dec 03 1986    


Aug 11 1999    
CR0054 Teniposide, VM-26 Jul 14 1992    
CR0055 Topotecan May 28 1996    
CR0056 Toremifene May 29 1997    
CR0057 Tretinoin, ATRA Nov 22 1995    
CR0058 Valrubicin Sep 25 1998    
CR0059 Vinorelbine Dec 23 1994    
CR0060 Zoledronate Feb 22 2002