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Do you need small quantity of Pure powder of Drugs ? You come to the right place.
     - for Research Projects.
     - Producing Diagnostic Discs.
     - Drug Delivery Systems.
     - Making Medical Preparations.
     - R&D New Drugs.
     - Use as Analysis References.

21CEC R&D Special Service

-Special supply for Scientists/ Laboratories/ Institutions - High Quality Pharmaceuticals (Pure powder) - Fast Delivery to Your Lab. Free Shipment for R&D Worldwide (shipment period usually 5-10 workdays Very Popular and Successful Service

Small quantity Pharmaceuticals Supply
- To meet world R&D scientists' needs. 

"21CEC R&D Special Service" deliver the precious R&D material (pure powder of drugs) to your lab. Easy, fast and friendly. 

High Quality is  the Key!

The high quality of our 
products is well known now, 
our major market is USA and 
Europe. We supplied MIT(USA)
, Harvard (USA), Duke (USA), 
NIH (USA), Fluka (Switzerland),
Bayer (Germany), Hexal 
(Germany) etc world famous 
institutions/companies, they 
all come back to us again and 

Our high quality products 
have been approved by many
famous laboratories in USA 
and EU. Some our products 
are used in global laboratories 
as  work standards.

Our experts would help  our 
global clients what is the best 
they need. From API to Ready
-to-filling formulation to 
finished products.

We are always here for you!

This is 21CEC PX PHARM. LTD., in UK, USA and CA. We are special in manufacturing and trading of high quality pharmaceuticals (APIs) .

We are the Member of Sussex Enterprise - One of the biggest Chambers of Commerce in the UK. Our head-office is in UK, and we have branches in USA and Canada.

Since 2003, the high quality of our APIs products is well known now. We supplied MIT(USA), Harvard (USA), Duke (USA), NIH (USA), Fluka (Switzerland), Hexal (Germany), Sigma(USA), Bayer (multinational) etc. world famous institutions/companies.

We supply to Global R&D Laboratories, Institutions, Universities, Manufacturers, Companies and Medical Centers, Doctors and Professionals. To use for:
     - for Research Projects.
     - for Producing Diagnostic Discs.
     - for Drug Delivery Systems.
     - for Making Medical Preparations.
     - for R&D New Drugs.
     - for Using as Analysis References.
All our products are available from grams to kilograms, which can be packed according to your specific orders. No minimum order requirement. And fast delivery to your laboratory directly in 3-10 workdays.

If you want to know more about us and our products, welcome to visit our website:
If any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department immediately.